Consultancy & Corporate Services

Event Security Consultancy

At Tawny Security, our core management team has a wealth of experience in all our key areas of service, providing an eclectic range of skills for individual event consultancy.

Direct contact with all our clients throughout planning phase right through to scheduled event days is a prerequisite for our entire Operations Team. Through this we are able to provide a bespoke service to any individual contract. This contact builds trust between us and a client, which is what security / event stewarding should naturally entail.

Once staff are at your venue we will continue to liaise. We aim to provide you with the best members of the team for your venue and will work with you to ensure you are happy with the service. If at any point you have concerns or wish to change the operational plan then please call our management team who will work with you to resolve the situation.

Corporate Services

Tawny Security offers consultancy and project management Services providing specialist risk management solutions to high profile personalities and businesses.  At Tawny Security we “cherry pick” skilled professionals who contribute the combination of key knowledge and experience required to meet our corporate client needs.

Tawny Security delivers a range of manned guarding and security they include

  • Control Room
  • Concierge
  • Search Teams
  • Patrol Services
  • Reception

People drive our success for all projects and contracts consequently priority is placed on positioning the right people in the right place ensuring that they deliver excellent services for all our Corporate clientele.